Ingress Prime

Ingress Prime

By Niantic, Inc.

  • Category: Games
  • Release Date: 2014-07-14
  • Current Version: 2.59.2
  • Adult Rating: 9+
  • File Size: 196.45 MB
  • Developer: Niantic, Inc.
  • Compatibility: Requires iOS 11.0 or later.
Score: 3.66569
From 341 Ratings


Welcome to the world of Ingress Prime, Agent. The fate of this universe, and perhaps others, depends on you. The discovery of Exotic Matter (XM), a resource of unknown origin, has sparked a covert struggle between two Factions. Cutting-edge XM technologies have completely transformed the Ingress Scanner, and it is now waiting for you to join this battle. THE WORLD IS YOUR GAME Explore the world around you and interact with places of cultural significance—such as public art installations, landmarks, and monuments—to collect valuable resources using your Ingress Scanner. CHOOSE A SIDE Fight for the Faction you believe in. Harness the power of XM to evolve mankind and discover our true destiny with The Enlightened, or protect humanity from a hostile takeover of the mind with The Resistance. BATTLE FOR CONTROL Dominate territories by linking Portals and creating Control Fields to achieve victory for your Faction. WORK TOGETHER Strategize and communicate with fellow Agents in your neighborhood and around the world. Agents must be over 13 years old (for residents outside of the European Economic Area); or over 16 years old or such age needed to consent to the processing of personal data in the Agent's country of residence (for residents of the European Economic Area). Unfortunately, no children may play Ingress. Support Contact us in-game by going to Settings > Help Center > Go. Privacy Policy Terms of Service



  • Awesome Game If You Give It A Shot

    By Zerplan
    Just try it out and give yourself 1 week you will learn it and it is a great game! So much strategy and hopefully where you live there are other players because you will get a good taste of teamwork too! It is like no other game!!! 5/5 stars for sure!
  • Great game!

    By vv e n d i g o
    I personally love this game! It gives me a good reason to get out and move around. However, I do think it would be rather useful if the game had an option to add friends online and private chats!
  • New version will rob you.

    By Loveland Bike Trail rider
    Been a while since I used this. Running it required an upgrade. Once upgraded I went to deploy a resonator and before I could stop it or escape I got dinged for $1.99. No way to reverse charge. So after 3+ years I have deleted app. Beware this app will cost you to play it.
  • Interesting premise but fails on delivery of gameplay content

    By Kaz_10_08
    There’s no other game quite like Ingress, and for good reason. It’s surprisingly deep but also lacking in gameplay elements at the same time. This is a PVP game where you battle other agents in real life locations via the portals in game. Issue here is that the game became extremely dull when you are located in areas with few players. You cannot play the game anymore because almost all the gameplay is aimed at local in person PVP interactions. There really needs to be more marketing and dynamic content because there’s a huge opportunity here to have a fun engaging game. Live world events organized by players are the best part of the game but that’s pretty rare and you have to travel which isn’t really possible with Covid pandemic. My favorite part of the game because of lack of players for PVP is the missions for exploration of different neighborhoods. Unfortunately lately even that feature is broken and new missions are not getting approved. Overall I think this game really needs some rework as the gameplay concepts haven’t really changed in years while the player base has suffered almost a complete collapse in my area without new updates in content.
  • Crashes on start

    By fiddly_bits
    The latest update, which the app insisted on having, just crashes on startup every time. I’m glad I don’t have any streaks to lose over this.
  • Niantic does their own thing

    By geezfools
    I’m actually not sure if Niantic listens to their dwindling user base, but with some of the random bans and changes lately, I truly believe they aren’t listening and if they are, they just don’t care. My patience is wearing thin with Niantic and their handling of these steady stream of bumbles... Lost a 305 daily playing streak because of a hiccup on their end and their response was, “can’t do anything about it.” Oh, what a way to thank someone who has been dedicated to your game... That being said, the game can be fun and I still play, but this truly seems like a customer/business type relationship vs an actual community. The forums are rife with critical comments, little response from Niantic and in my opinion, pretty toxic at times!
  • Had to wipe & restore my iPhone 6S+ to get it to work

    By Media Baron
    For a couple months Ingress Prime has not been working on my iPhone 6S Plus. No amount of resetting my iPhone or reinstalling the app or iOS upgrade would help. Finally I wiped all the content of my iPhone and restored via a backup yesterday. It took all day to restore via iCloud but Ingress Prime now works.
  • App doesn’t load very slow

    By JonWert
    It seems every time they update the qos is degraded. Fix it.
  • 垃圾游戏

    By Guoshifu
  • iOS 14 is not “unauthorized modified client software”.

    By Realdasho
    Ingress is a game run by a company called Niantic, who profits from the free labor of those who play this game. Niantic claims they want to curtail cheating in their games but instead they punish large groups of people (with banning and accusations of cheating, detected by an algorithm they implicitly trust) who have been legitimate players and whose collected data made possible all of the success Niantic has had in their other games. What do all of these “cheaters” have in common? They installed iOS 14, which was detected as “unauthorized modified client software” by Ingress’s cheat detection algorithm. And through all of this, in addition to cheating going unpunished by actual offenders, Niantic engages in the barest minimum of communication with the “cheating” players who are confused as to what they could possibly have done to warrant their punishment. If you were interested in this game, I recommend looking for a game not made by Niantic. Unless you are okay with being labeled a cheater while the actual cheaters are still running wild and using automated means to cheat, stay far away. I would give 0 stars if I could.